Honest Review of our New Subscription Box – Tinker Crate by Kiwi Company

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We just got our new Tinker Crate box in the mail and wanted to show you what this one has to offer. For everyone new to this, let’s break it down a little bit. First, subscription boxes are a huge hit right now, if you haven’t heard of them you will probably see some ad, post, or a friend start talking about them soon enough. The options are endless on types of boxes you can get delivered straight to your door.  I am talking anything and everything you can think of from stylish clothes, workout gear, to even dog treats. If you want it, they probably have a box for it. I have to admit I have tried out a few different boxes and for the most part, loved it. Most of these companies offer a monthly box that ships to your house and it’s a complete surprise what is in it. I don’t know about you but I love surprises so this is the best part! Checking the mail and running home to open the box to see all the goodies inside! Most of the boxes run anywhere between $10 – $40 each month, which for most people is pretty reasonable. The Tinker Crate is for children of all ages and each box is put together for an age range.


Caiden, my middle son loves to put things together and build.  He has always been obsessed with legos and has always been a hands-on type kid,  so when I saw someone on my friend’s Facebook talk about Tinker crate, I knew I needed to look into it. The box we order is for ages 9-16+ and it focuses on science & engineering. The company refers to them as Hands – On Stem Projects. Kiwi Co does offer a variety of boxes for all different ages, from infant to teen. The box that I will show you today will be the first one we received,  a spin art machine. It took us about an hour to put together as it comes with a blueprint, all materials, and a booklet of extra experiments to do later on. Caiden can honestly do it all on his own if need be but each time the box has come in the mail we wait till the weekend to work on it together. He is 12 so I am really trying to soak in any quality time I can right now, I know some of you moms out there know what I mean.

This crate above we are putting together is battery ran and spins in circles. The final product is pretty amazing and we have kept each project we have put together so far. I’ve been super happy that he gets excited when each box ships and he has them stored in his room so he can take them out from time to time. This project will also be used this summer for the daycare kids so they can make their own spin art to take home as well. After building for quite some time, the crate is coming together and we are getting ready to test it out! This is the most exciting part!

The project is now complete and ready to be used and tested out. As we turn it on, we see it spin in circles. We can now add the paper to the spinner and use the paint that came with the box.  This is the best part of the whole thing and everyone gets a try. The end product is so worth it and my kids loved playing with it and experimenting! There are so many different types of subscription boxes to choose from and try out. most of them even offer a percentage off the first box to try it out! I am going to drop my link here at the bottom if you are interested in trying out any of the boxes from Kiwi Co. If you have used any – leave a comment too. I’d love to hear about other cool ones!

Here is the Kiwi Company website link – check it out! You will get a discount through the link too!


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