Things To Do With Kids During The Summer With A Budget!

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Things to do with the kids over summer

Incredible Ideas for Kids to Have Fun in Summers

Hey! Summer is here, and it’s a vacation time of your children; probably you might be wondering on ways how to convert this free time into precious memories right! Don’t stress too much. I am here with budget-friendly ideas that will add fun into their summers and will let them explore new life experiences. Some of these activities cost a small fee while others are things you can look into at a low cost. This should help you get the ideas flowing and have a magical summer ahead with the kids! If you have your suggestions to add to the list, make sure to leave them down in the comments. We mamas need to stick together!


Chalk and Art Projects

Fun Things You Can Do at Home

  • Make Chalk Paint: Making chalk paint with your children is fun and simple to do! There is a variety of recipes on Pinterest that seem simple enough, and children love this. You can use all types of rollers, paint brushes, and get creative as you like!
  • Slime Projects: You would be surprised at how many slime recipes there are on the web. We have tried a handful of them and my kids love it! Here are some of our favorites to check out – glow in the dark slime, floam, and butter slime.
  •  Art & Crafting: Kids love to do crafting, and if they are at home, you can join them to construct the activity will not only keeps them busy but boosts creativity in them. Visit any dollar store and grab a collection of supplies to put out for the children. They can build, create, paint, glue, as they, please! There are tons of ideas on my blog of crafts that you can do together. One of the most recent ones for the summer is the Popsicle Craft For Kids. We also love painting rocks together – Spreading Kindness!
  • Watch Motivational animated Movie: There are thousands of movies available that you can make a pick to watch the one that your kid is showing interest. Any fun, an exciting film can be a bonding time for the kids, and you can make a PJ day out of it too! Your local theater may offer cheap summer movies at a low cost, and Redbox is a great option to try also! Redbox offers codes consistently for cheap to free videos. Join their text message list or email list.

Explore Outside For Summer

Places You Can Explore with Them

  • Stopover Local Parks: A picnic with sandwiches and a game of Frisbee may not sound exciting for you but your kids, it’s a huge deal. If you are finding the idea of summer camp super expensive leave it, take advantage of nearby local parks and spend quality time with your kids by playing games Sidewalk Picasso, Scavenger Hunts, Digging for Dinosaurs and can kick a soccer ball too.
  •  A Visit to a Public Beach: Entry in the beach area is not too expensive it wallows with a little fee. Pack your lunch, water and enough of snacks so that you can have full day fun in the water for low spending. I think it is the most viable option to enjoy hot summers. If you don’t have beaches nearby look into splash pads and community pool options!
  • Explore the Night Sky: Stargazing party! Yes, who says summer is perfect to have fun only when the sun is right up there; if you prefer to be in the air conditioner during the day time its ok! You can take advantages of cooler nights. A blanket, a telescope, and a star chart are enough to see a loveable smile on your child’s face. Take some snacks and start the party. You have to spend a little amount to buy a telescope which would not be an issue for sure.
  • Go Though the Websites for Specials: Children’s museums, local aquariums, and Zoos offer specials for summers. These places around you might be offering admission discounts and special offers on more than one visit and even during the week when crowds are slower.  If you frequently choose to visit a location, check it out for memberships. These might be worth the cost.
  • POGO Passes are a great way to do things during the summer at a fantastic cost. They are offered all over the US. – $49.98 per person gets you the ability to visit 24 different places around the Phoenix area. Our pogo passes offer Urban Jungle, Sunsplash, KTR, Fat Cats, and more! I would look into this option. I love the variety of places they provide for the kids to get out of the house during the summer time.

Summer time Fun

There are tons of other activities you can do to keep the kids busy during the summer. Here in the Phoenix area, we struggle with the heat and not wanting to go out in 120-degree weather unless we are getting into the pool. There are other options like summer camps, boys & girls club summer programs, sports, dance classes, etc. if that is something your child may be interested in trying out. Take some time to look around and explore your options along with your budget for summer fun. Just remember you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make things fun with the kids!

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Summer Ideas


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