Summer Adventure Day 9 – Trip is Coming To An End!

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We are now on the final stretch of our summer adventure, and I would like to give you all a big thanks for coming with us on this journey. I know you are sitting in your own home reading along with us, but it is a great feeling to know how much you all care even to read my blog! LOL, Well, let’s get back to it. After heading out of Williams after a much needed lovely stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, we started our way up to the Grand Canyon bright and early! I seemed to be the only one excited to see the Grand Canyon today, but that’s okay. Once we get there I think everyone will enjoy themselves. I know Travis is tired of driving at this point, the kids are ready just to be home and honestly, I was doing pretty good. I enjoyed being out of the house, on the road and seeing something new daily.

It took us about an hour from Williams, to the Grand Canyon. It was pretty packed already, but it wasn’t too bad driving up to the south side of the rim. I wanted to see the bridge that was made of glass on the north side but guesses we just didn’t make it this time around. I had no desire to walk on the bridge, but I thought it would be a pretty cool site to see! Maybe one of these days. The Grand Canyon is immense for people that haven’t been there. It was beautiful. Now, I get why people just say its a massive hole in the ground but like anything else you still need to enjoy the beauty of it. We walked around, took some pictures, petted some squirrels and listened to a small tour of the museum. The weather was amazingly beautiful and we were able to get some outstanding pictures along the way. We didn’t seem to stay long as everyone was hungry for breakfast and that was our next hunt.


After taking some time to eat – which we ended up having sandwiches for breakfast since we were not able to find somewhere close to lunch. We were on our way to Flagstaff as our last stop was the Lava River Cave. Travis’ parents told us about this place, and he wanted to take some time to check it out. We had a pretty good drive ahead of us, but it went by fairly quickly. The lava tube is located in Flagstaff, Arizona like mentioned before. It is a cave that goes underground that you can walk that was created a long time ago by the active volcano nearby. The sign reads that the cave was formed over 675,000 years ago.Β  I was not entirely ready for this thinking that I could go in a tank top and leggings. When we got there heading into the cave the temperature drops to about 32 degrees! The actual cave is only about 3/4 of a mile but does consist of rocks to be able to climb over. So I decided to sit this one out for a bit and let the boys and Travis go on in the cave. Next time we go back, I will be better prepared and would love to go inside! They had an absolute blast inside and can’t wait till we all go again to travel the entire way.

Extra Information: A couple of pointers for the cave – its cold, it’s dark, and it’s rocky. So prepare yourself ahead of time if you plan on going to check it out. I know we had flashlights ready to go, but I totally would have worn something else and maybe a jacket for once we were inside. I want to tell my readers this information, so they know what to do when they go.

It is now Sunday, and we are ready to pack up and head home. Everyone is ready to be home at this point, and in our beds, see the dogs, and settle down. The drive back is going to be rough, but this trip has been an absolute blast. I hope when the kids look back at their childhood this is something that stays in their mind. I know I will never forget these memories. I also hope all of you readers have enjoyed being apart of our journey! The trip has been a blast to write about, and I love that I have it all documented. It also might help someone else out there one day to recreate a trip similar to ours. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my blog contact page. We will help you out.


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