Summer Adventure Day 2 – Sequoia National Park

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Happy Sunday ya’ll! We are on day two of our family adventure and today was a blast. I can’t wait for you to hear all about it! So let’s get started! We began our day driving to a little cafe basically in the middle of nowhere. It ended up being next to a runway for small private airplanes in Woodlake, CA. We were lucky enough to get to check the planes out before breakfast and watch one take off. The boys seemed to enjoy this, and the cafe served excellent food. The cute little cafe was called the Runaway Cafe which fit its location perfectly. The morning started off exciting and continued throughout the day.

After breakfast, we started to make our way back into the Sequoia National Forest which was a little bit of a drive. It took us about 1.5 hours of driving, and the roads were really windy. We did have a little touch of car sickness from Corbyn, but we stopped along the way a few times, which seemed to help him. I don’t even think I could take enough pictures to show you all how cool these roads were. The trees are so thick in the area and overhung over the streets. It was very different than the forest up north in Arizona. Sequoia National Park is known to have the largest tree on earth – General Sherman Tree and the park is 404 acres.


We did a ton of walking and happened to get a little sunburnt, but it was totally worth it. The Sequoia National Park is a sight to see if you ever get a chance. These beautiful Sequoia trees almost look like they are fake and are HUGE. We all couldn’t believe how big these trees really were. We took a lot of the little trails so we could site see and read some of the information on the forest. Some trails seemed to be easy, and others seemed to kill us uphill. Luckily we each had a Camelbak today but man some of the paths were rough, but we made it. We had tons of fun and wore ourselves out by the afternoon. If you decide to take a trip make sure you do some research on trails and places to go in the forest beforehand. We were bummed out because of the areas of Moro Rock, Tunnel Log and Cresent Meadow were all closed off. We did get to see the General Sherman Tree, Tunnel Rock, and hike some trails along the way.

We had planned on camping at the Sequoia National Forest but come to find out all the spots were filled up. The kids ended up passing out while Travis and I were looking for places to camp. We ended up, just giving up and just driving to Fresno that night to stay in a little motel. The kids got to swim some more and got to cool off. Also ordered pizza to the hotel room and called it a night. Even though we had some disappointments overall, it was a pretty good day! We are hitting the hay tonight and heading to Yosemite tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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