Spreading Kindness Throughout The World – Rock Painting With The Kids!

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Hello, world! Today we are talking about kindness and this is my favorite kind to spread! Its easy, fun and the kids love to help. It cant get any better than that, right? My son and I just stumbled upon a cute little minion rock we found out in the neighborhood on our daily dog walk. As we looked it over we noticed it had been written on. It told us to post our findings on Facebook in a local rock group. How cool is that? We went home and found the group super quick. He was so excited to see all the painted rocks and he wanted to try to make some too! The men and women in this group did this daily- found rocks, painted them incredibly cool and then rehid them for someone else to find too! These individuals loved to see their rocks found but also loved the idea of spreading kindness on to others through their artwork. I wanted to walk through the process a little more so you the reader can also do this too! I would love to see everyone’s artwork being posted on here too!


We walked around our neighborhood and other ones nearby to gather up some rocks. We are lucky because we have a wash close by that my kids can ride their bikes to and pick some up! It makes it way easier than being in town, but if you are in town look for places that have decent rocks. We came home and scrubbed them off to make sure they were clean. We used all sorts of things to start the process of getting artwork on them. We have sharpies of all colors, paints, and mod podge. I will put the links for Amazon at the bottom of this post – which seems to be the cheapest option we have found so far! My son actually freehanded the Arizona Cardinals bird below and I was amazed by his talent. He recently just signed up for art and I think he is going to do amazing. I myself haven’t painted any yet but he seems to be doing it constantly in his free time. I love that he has this hobby!


The next step after they are painted is to wait till they are completely dry. You need to make sure this step happens correctly or the mod podge will smear the paints on the rock and mess it up. We have learned this the hard way, unfortunately. These rocks above, we used the regular mod podge but we bought the sparkle and glow in the dark ones now. We are stepping up our game! Ha! I thought the glow in the dark one will make it easier for people to see as they take walks at night. It can soak in the sun all day and glow at night. I will have to update you on this trial and error test for us. We aren’t sure that is what will happen but it’s our next batch to go out and be hidden. We live in Arizona and evenings are the best for night walkers it seems like. I know if you live in the snow states this won’t work the same at all. Just get creative on what will work for you!


After painting them with mod podge of your choice and letting it dry…Β  I highly suggest painting the back of the rock. This is where you will put the information on them. It is way easier to write on them after they are painted with mod podge. We learned this the hard way too. It also keeps your sharpies nice and not break them down super fast. As for writing on the rock, we put ” Keep or rehide. Post on Facebook group – Mesa Gilbert Rocks” We also mark his rocks with CK – his initials so we know it’s his too! After a stranger finds it, they can post their find in the group with the initials. So far one of his has been found, the cool cardinals one he hand painted. There are groups all over the place. If you are local to me and want in on the fun – join this group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MesaGilbertRocks/ otherwise try to search around you and you should find some groups to join. Also, you can start new ones if need be!

After we have a batch created and ready to go – it is now time to hide them! This is the super fun part in my opinion. Here is a photo above of my son hiding some of his out in our neighborhood. We like to put them in a spot so people can find them easily. We don’t try to hide them in hard places but I know some people enjoy doing that! Now, when doing this and hiding them – remember to not get too disappointed if they aren’t found and posted in the groups. I know that part can be hard when you spend lots of time on the rocks. Just know when someone finds it you are spreading kindness and smiles. This type of kindness can go along way and you just brightened someone’s day! My mom just recently painted some while she was here last weekend babysitting my kids and loved it. She didn’t realize how fun this could be and relaxing!Β  I highly suggest giving it a try and looking for a local rock group on facebook – you can spread some kindness of your own!



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