Potato Easter Egg Stamping Craft!

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Easter is one of the most exciting holidays to a child and From the Easter bunny to decorating eggs and all the egg hunts – why wouldn’t a child love it? The weather is fantastic, the pastel colors everywhere and the kids so excited for the Easter bunny to make his debut. What could be better than that? How about some great Easter desserts and crafts? YES! The kids love making crafts to take home to put up as decorations around the house as it gets closer and closer to Easter.

We love doing potato stamping every single year. It is relatively simple to do and takes a little bit of time for set up of course. You only need about two potatoes cut in half and four colors of paint – any colors you choose! In our project below we used orange, yellow, pink and purple which worked out well. You can make the design however you decide on the potatoes. I went with dots, a zig-zag option, and stripes. It wasn’t too difficult to get the pattern on them with a standard knife.




White Card Stock Paper



Just wash vegetables before using them and let dry.

Cut potatoes in half and design a pattern with your knife on each side.

You can even leave them plain with no design.

Put some paint into the bowls with a potato – like in the picture above.

Stamp the vegetables on the paper and let dry!

Easter is such an exciting time to do crafts and projects with the kids. So many different ideas out there from bunnies to chicks and everything in between. I know I love to let my creativity shine through as holidays pop up throughout the year! This potato stamping craft is relatively easy to set up, and children of all ages can participate. Happy Easter from my family to yours!


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