Popsicle Craft For Kids Of All Ages!

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Popsicle Craft

Popsicle Craft

Its summer time here in Arizona, which means we will be stuck inside here shortly. The temperature has hit around 95 so far, but I know the 110 is coming here soon! Summer is a time to stock up on art supplies to keep the kids busy during the summer months. We usually have a popsicle themed type of day, so we can make a popsicle craft along with eating or making popsicles ourself. They love this, and it works for all ages. You can use whatever supplies you have at home to decorate the popsicle, but I will show you below what we used for you all to get some ideas!

Popsicle Children's Craft


Popsicle Craft Sticksย 

Construction Paper

Hot Glue Gun

Elmer’s Glue

Decoration ideas: buttons, beads, pom pom balls, glitter glue, markers, and stickers

Popsicle Kids Craft


1. Take construction paper and cut into the shape of the popsicle top – older kids can do this part on their own with kid scissors.

2. Hot glue the popsicle stick to the back to create a beautiful blank canvas for the kids to decorate.

3. Use Elmer’s glue & child’s imagination to decorate the popsicle top

This craft project is perfect for all ages as the children get to use their imagination to create a masterpiece of their very own. As listed below, there are many other ideas you can do along with the craft, such as making delicious popsicles, playing with water & ice in the sensory table and even handmade ice paint. The options are endless, and your children will have a blast while learning. Pinterest is full of all sorts of recipes, ideas, and sensory bins. That’s what summer is all about – having fun and making memories!

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