Patriotic Star Slime For Kids

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Patriotic Star Slime For Kids

We are ready for the 4th of July to be here and this slime recipe is the perfect idea to kick off the long weekend with the kids! Who doesn’t love to play with slime and make a mess in the kitchen? Lucky for you this slime recipe is fairly easy and takes a small amount of time to make. If you are a slime guru like me you already have these supplies on hand. I definitely love grabbing confetti on clearance every time I see it so I can throw it into every single type of slime we make. It sure makes holidays more fun around here!



This patriotic slime recipe just takes a bottle of clear glue, Sta Flo solution, and water! We found these awesome stars at the craft store and sprinkled them into the slime to give it that American 4th of July feel for this week. You can use any type of confetti or whatever in your slime but the stars are super cute. I love to do these types of projects with my daycare kids because they absolutely love it including the bigger kids. I feel like just about everyone loves to play with slime.



Add entire bottle of clear glue to your bowl.

Measure 1/4 cup of water and add to the clear glue – stir until it is mixed completely.

Put in the confetti stars and stir again – make sure everything is stirred together before the next step.

Add 1/4 cup of Sta – Flo to the mix and stir quickly. The slime will now form so keep stirring to get the slime consistency.

Take out the slime out of the bowl and play with it for about a minute to get it completely mixed together.

Looking for some more crafts to do for the upcoming holiday? Make sure to check out the menu tab on the blog with all things 4th of July related. The blog should be full of cool ideas to do with the kids for the holiday – so keep your eyes peeled! If you haven’t already check this round-up of crafts out for the 4th of July: DIY Craft Projects. If you need help with the supplies to this specific recipe, check the links below. You can order them on Amazon and it only takes a small amount of each to make slime so it lasts a long time. We absolutely love that part!


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