Kids Halloween Snack – Mummy Donut Bites!

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Fall break is finally over, and I can relax a little around here! My kids don’t seem to be that difficult, but fall break for me means more school-age kids to entertain. It looks like it has slowed down some recently but in the past, it meant a whole lot of planning activities, so no one got bored! My kids are little past all the crafts, games, and projects but I do like to have some that they might just want to participate in while they are here. This is one of those fun recipes to do together and, the kids love to eat whatever they can make – am I right? These mummy donuts are simply adorable & easy to make. They only require a few supplies and a delicious treat at any time of day. These can even be used for class parties, work get-togethers, or at home for the kids.


Mini White Powdered Donuts
Candy Eyeballs
Frosting – we used a Vanilla Pillsbury container
Frosting Bag ( Optional )


1. Layout donuts on a flat surface.

2. Make sure frosting is in either a bag or bottle so that you can write on the donuts.

3. Frosting can go in a zig-zag pattern on the donut – it doesn’t have to be neat at all!

4. Add two eyes per donut to create the finished mummy look.

This was a big hit at my house this year, and hopefully, it will be at yours too! I hope for all you mamas that had fall break not that long ago – it was enjoyable.Β  I know I am constantly looking for new and fun things to try out around here. Always feel free to tag me in anything you think I can use for my own kids and daycare kiddos. If you are looking for more Halloween crafts and recipes, make sure to stay tuned as more fun Halloween treats & crafts are coming up on the blog this month. Also, two other fun crafts have been posted recently if you just scroll back on the blog – paper plate pumpkins and candy corn art. Those two are great for toddlers and very simple!

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