Update – Milkweed Coming In Strong!

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I know I have been a little MIA over the last couple weeks. It seems like things have got crazy hectic recently, so I haven’t made a whole lot of posts on here or any social media. I am back and ready to keep going. Wahoo! Right now I wanted to share with you my milkweed plant! It is growing like crazy right now, and it’s exciting! It still has a lot more to grow, but hey, we didn’t kill it at least, and that in my book is a success!

Since this is part two of the milkweed, make sure to read part one down below. This project has been a lot of fun for me along with all the kiddos to watch it grow. I will keep you updated as we go and I love being able to document the progress myself. We are hoping to see some butterflies here soon, and if it’s successful then we might plant some more around the garden too!

Enjoy the update and keep your eyes open for some more fun projects and recipes coming your way! I know I am excited to share them!


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