St Patrick’s Day Kids Hand Print Four Leaf Clover Craft

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With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner – what better way than making a cute craft with the kids to hang up as decorations?! This craft only takes a few supplies – paint, paper, and a paintbrush. It can be dressed up to be put on canvas so you can hang it in the house for years to come or on white card stock to hang up on the fridge. We opted to go with the card stock this time around but can’t wait to make them next year on canvas for each of the parents. Such an excellent idea for just about anyone!



This St Patrick’s Day I am doing a little themed party with green snacks/lunch, a coin hunt, and cute small craft for all the kids here during the day. Holidays are something that I look forward to every year and love decorating for March. I love that Pinterest offers so many different types of projects and activities to do with the children. Everything from sorting, learning, counting, and coloring to simple games like bingo! I can’t wait to spend the week experimenting with the kids so I can share some new ideas with you all. I have some cool treats and crafts coming your way!



Let’s get started on this handprint clover craft to do with all your little’s at home!

Supplies: green paint, paint brush, and canvas and/or white card stock paper

~ Simply paint the child’s hand with the green paint. Stamp toward the top two corners with it slightly open. After two stamps make sure to re-paint the child’s hand for the last two stamps.
~ After all four corners have been stamped correctly take a paintbrush to make the stem of the clover. If the child is old enough to do it themselves – even more awesome!
~ Let the paint completely dry before hanging up on the fridge or wall.


Keep an eye out for even more St Patrick’s Day goodies to be posted on the blog. Hopefully, these cute ideas get you in the holiday spirit. Be sure to pin the craft for later too!


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