Fruit Infused Water Recipes – Taste Delicious & Easy To Make!

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Fruit Infused Water Recipes are one of my favorite things to put together on the weekend!  I am so in love with these that I had to share with all my readers! A goal of mine for this year is to drink more water. Everyone is always talking about their water intake is lower than it should be. So I took it upon myself to share some incredibly yummy & simple recipes that help me to drink water throughout the day. I seem to do good with plain water for about two days then get bored of it. These infused water jars help me to stay on track. The recipes are easy to throw together and I love the mason jars to store them in. Not only do they look super cute but it helps me get through the week & stay fresh! If you haven’t tried something like this yet – you are totally missing out. They are so refreshing and hardly taste like you are drinking water! Each recipe has a different unique taste that you are going to love!

I literally just unscrew the lid and add a straw like you see in the pictures below. EASY PEASY! The best suggestion I can give you is to buy the fruit over the weekend and make your jars on Sunday. Then the rest of the week they are ready to go! This is just what works for me but I know I am home all day during the week. On hot summer days, you will be amazed how good these taste. My kids are in love with these fruit infused water jars too! It is a great way to get them to drink water and stay away from juices. To me, that is a win-win!

Here are 4 of my favorite recipes to make – let’s get started!

Strawberry Watermelon Water – cut up strawberries and watermelon. This one is super simple and I used seedless watermelon for this recipe. I didn’t want to be sucking up black seeds or hunt them down while cutting it up. I love to eat watermelon throughout the week so I spent Sunday cutting up and making a bowl for me and the daycare kids… then use the rest for my mason jars. If you love watermelon and strawberries alone you should give this one a try! It’s delicious!

Strawberry Lemon Water is one that I make weekly. It has lemons as a main ingredient and I have always read that lemon water is super helpful in aiding weight loss. So this recipe is one I stick with on a daily basis and try to drink it more towards the morning. It is also one of my favorites on taste because the lemons seem to be more powerful and strawberries take a backseat on the flavor. This one is simple to throw together – just do 3/4 strawberries and 1/4 lemon. Try this one out and let me know what you think!

This recipe reminds me of my favorite drink at Sonic – strawberry limeade! I love that drink so much that I put together this infused water recipe. This one is just 3/4 strawberries and 1/4 lime. The lime can be overpowering so be careful with adding too much. The mix of strawberries and lime can be so refreshing – this one might even turn into one of your favorites with time. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?


The last recipe I have to share with you all is Citrus Water! This one is the combination of all citrus – I have used lemons, orange, and lime. There is no ratio you need to use for this recipe, just mix and combine as you like. You can also add any other citrus you like such as grapefruit. This one is delicious and the options are endless.

Making fruit infused water recipes are super exciting.  You can be as creative as you like as you start putting these together. I absolutely love to mix and match fruits to try out new things. There are so many different ideas out there –  you can even add in some veggies! As you all start putting together your own ideas… share them here in the comments with us! I would love to hear your favorites.

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