Ideas For Throwing A Fortnite Birthday Party!

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I really wanted to write a blog post about throwing a Fortnite themed birthday party this year. I searched everywhere for ideas and inspiration – yes even Pinterest without any luck! It seems like they do not make much party wise which I am quite honestly surprised. These companies could make some big bucks right now on all things Fortnite, but I rarely see items being sold. So of course, I wanted to share with you all what I decided to do for my sons 10th birthday and hopefully give you some excellent ideas that you could use as well. I most certainly didn’t go all out like most people did but looked adorable and festive for him to enjoy.



So for starters, I used pretty basic decorations on the tables and streamers around the space. Most everything I got online at Oriental Trading Company. I seriously use them for almost all my parties. They have so much to offer and at a great price. For the centerpieces on the main table, gift table and my bar top – I put together a “Supply Drop.” I bought an 8 pack of the navy blue gift bags and attached the supply drop icon that I made below. I attached it for anyone that might want to use it and just print it off. I cut it out and taped it nicely on the bag so you couldn’t see the tape. The yellow balloons we had filled up and tied onto the top of the gift bag. That was a relatively simple task and fit the theme perfectly!



For this birthday party, we had a sleepover of about 9 boys in total. I decided to make little chests for each child with small snacks for the night. In the game Fortnite, you find these chests and open them to get supplies for the game. You could totally have things in the chest that have to do with the game such as bandaids, slurp juice, etc. I just went with small snacks, and little candy treats with the child’s name on them. These were easy to put together and fill up before the party. They looked nice on the counter as decorations and the boys really loved the idea!



My favorite item for the party was the drinks! I found someone on Etsy to make labels that I could print off that had the words ” slurp juice” and “chug jug” on them to go over mini blue Gatorade. Super simple project but looked incredible when finished. I also purchased a blowup treasure chest on the site for the Gatorade & water to go in. Blowing it up was a little more time consuming than I would prefer, but after it was complete it went with the decor perfectly! It also held the ice and lots of drinks for the evening with a mess or hassle for the kids. You could put a lot in this cooler which makes it even more awesome!



The plates and napkins for dinner I got on a different site than Oriental Trading company. I will link below to the site – and those were the only tableware I could find for the theme Fortnite. We ended up doing hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, a bounce house for the entire evening at a fantastic rate and Bahama Bucks for the treat! The sleepover was a big hit, and the kids were entertained and super behaved. I couldn’t ask for anything better. If you throw a Fortnite themed party let us know in the comments and ideas, you can suggest for others. I would love to hear from you. I hope this helps some mamas out there searching and feel free to pin for later too.

Links below are to all the items I purchased to throw the party! There is so much to choose from by this company! I paid about $50 bucks total plus free shipping! Just click the picture and it will take you to exact site for the item. Its awesome!

Plates can be purchased here –Fortnite Plates, Napkins, and Cupsย 

This company also offers a pinata that matches the theme. We didnt do anything like this but for $30 it is really cute and matches perfectly!

Fornite Pinata – Link here!ย 


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