DIY No Sew Face Masks

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Do It Yourself Masks At Home

The world is on lockdown during this time, but the talk of masks for the general public is becoming more and more relevant to keep each person safe. I don’t know how to sew, so this type of cover is perfect for everyone in my household. It is simple to put together with extra fabric, a bandana, or even a scarf of some sort. We had additional material in my craft cabinet to use to take pictures, and it worked perfectly. At this time, you just need to resourceful with whatever you have at home at the moment.


DIY Face Mask
Supplies needed to make your face mask.


  • Fabric – we used extra fabric from the store
  • Hair ties – Goody hair ties will work
  • Scissors – optional if you need to do any cutting


  1. The material needs to be in the shape of a rectangle – the piece used in the photo was 22 x 9 inches.
  2. Fold it in half lengthwise.
  3. Take two hair ties and place them around on each side of the fabric.
  4. Take the extra and fold it over towards in the inside of the mask.
  5. Take each side of the hair ties and place them over your ears.

Face Mask Process Photo

Face Mask Process Photo

Face Mask DIY Photo

Face Mask Picture

** You will need to adjust the fabric based on your head size. You may need to fold it more or less, so it fits on your mouth/nose correctly.

Stay Safe and Practice Social Distancing

These aren’t going to be perfect, but they will keep you protected if you need to run for essentials for your household. You can cut the material to be smaller so you can use them on children too. My husband made one for himself and needed to cut the material bigger so it would fit him better. You want it to be snug but also be able to breathe freely. It did take a little bit of playing around with before leaving the house, but once we got it on, it stayed put. The best thing at the moment is to stay home, but everyone doesn’t have that ability. I hope for even essential workers; this will help them be protected along with others to flatten the curve.

Stay safe out there and thanks for reading!

Here are some links on Amazon for items that may work if you don’t have any of these at home!

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