Coffee Filter Shamrock Art Project

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Shamrock Project

Shamrock Project

St. Patricks Day has come and gone around here without any type of hesitation it seems. We didn’t get to celebrate it in full force, so I am going to continue to post a few crafts we can do next year around this time since we seem to be in quarantine right now anyways! This is one of my favorite projects to do with all the different age groups. The coffee filter crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained, and you can do a variety of things with them. If you haven’t tried it out yet, definitely do soon.

On the flat coffee filter, spend some time adding colors to it however you like. Scribbling comes in handy for the best results. We stuck with the shades of black, yellow, and green – we tried to match colors for the upcoming holiday. You could even do rainbow colors since it goes along with the theme as well. This part is your decision, but I do recommend picking one or the other. You need to be careful; you can end up with a lot of mixed colors and the overall tone of brown.

Shamrock Supplies


Coffee Filter

Markers – we used black, orange and green only

Squirt Bottle



Shamrock Project Process


1. Decorate one coffee filter with whatever colors you choose for the craft.

2. Lay the finished coffee filter on a flat surface that can get wet – paper plates work well!

3. Moisten the filter with a spray bottle until colors start to smear over the filter – around 5 squirts.

4. Let dry completely before cutting out into the shape of a shamrock.


Shamrock Process Photos

These coffee filters can be cut into whatever shape you would like for the upcoming event, party, or holiday. The kids love doing arts and crafts with the filters, and you can buy them at such a cheap cost. I know I was a little late to the party this year with posting some of my favorite crafts and projects, but with the world chaos and virus going around – I had no choice. I hope you find this in good spirit and follow along this month with all the cool ideas I have to get up on the blog.








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