Heart Sorting Valentine’s Day Activity

Conversation hearts

Valentine’s Day is next week, so I wanted to share a few activities, games, and crafts to get you in the spirit.  I’d love to inspire you to create a fun-filled week as the holiday approaches with your kiddos. Anything holiday-related that we can turn into an activity to keep them busy and learning at the same time is a winner in my book! The game is a simple activity, and the kids can help you along the way, depending on their ages. If you have kids that are on the smaller side, you will need to help with the coloring and guide them with the sorting.


Conversation Hearts


Cardstock white paper


Bag of conversation hearts




  1. Draw out hearts on the card stock with a sharpie or black markers.
  2. Color in the cardstock hearts with crayons or markers. Making sure to match the colors to the bag of candy. There are so many variations of the hearts now!
  3. Make a pile of hearts for them to sort out after the cardstock is colored and ready to go!
  4. After they complete the sorting process – let them eat the candy of course!


Conversation Hearts Activity


This excellent sorting activity is so much fun for little ones, just starting to learn sorting and numbers. If you have a group of kids working on this project together, you can have them share with the group which heart has the most/least amount of candy, so they start to get the concept of values. Feel free to use the candy for the older ones for addition and subtraction as well! Games like these can help kids engage with each other, answer questions, and learn as they go. I would love to hear from you all about this activity and other learning games you do around this time of year. Be on the lookout for even more awesome Valentine’s Day ideas coming up this week!



Butterfly Coffee Filter Craft For Kids


Children absolutely love learning about butterflies and their life cycle from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. This summer we took the time to buy one of the kits on amazon to have this experience ourselves and it was simply amazing! Not only did we watch videos, do crafts, but we took the time to watch them grow, change and mature before we let them go together. These are one of the crafts we did together during this time and I will be posting a few others here soon so you can turn your weekly theme into butterfly week too!


Watching the live caterpillar/butterfly kit is worth every penny to watch them go through the life cycle right before your very eyes. Here is the link to the kit we purchased on Amazon – Butterfly Kit with Live Caterpillars. I hope here soon to experience the tadpole kit that is very similar in style but with frogs. I literally can’t wait for fall break to come already and see this one come to life with the kids. Now that we got sidetracked chatting about live butterfly kits – let’s get back to our butterfly crafts that went along with the theme for the week. Keep a look out for the butterfly splat craft and caterpillar paper plate craft posted here soon! Lets get to it.

Butterfly craft

Craft Supplies:


  1. Layout two coffee filters on top of each other on paper plate and color with washable markers on the top one only.
  2. Spray the coffee filter with the spray bottle filled with water until both filters get damp and colors start to smear. You want the top one to look like the bottom one with the coloring.
  3. Let the coffee filters completely dry – while waiting for it to dry color the clothespin which will represent the butterfly body. Make sure to dry on eyes.
  4. When the filters are dry take apart and fold each one accordion style.
  5. Pinch the middle of the filter and add clothespin over where it is pinched. You will need to adjust wings after this step so they look like butterflies.


Butterfly Craft

Butterfly Craft

If you are looking for even more butterfly crafts stay tuned as they will be appearing shortly on the blog. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter so you can see all the content for the upcoming months! We would love to have you subscribe. If you would like to save this craft – please pin it for later use. Sharing is caring!

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Butterfly Pinterest Image


Popsicle Craft For Kids Of All Ages!

Popsicle Craft

Its summer time here in Arizona, which means we will be stuck inside here shortly. The temperature has hit around 95 so far, but I know the 110 is coming here soon! Summer is a time to stock up on art supplies to keep the kids busy during the summer months. We usually have a popsicle themed type of day, so we can make a popsicle craft along with eating or making popsicles ourself. They love this, and it works for all ages. You can use whatever supplies you have at home to decorate the popsicle, but I will show you below what we used for you all to get some ideas!

Popsicle Children's Craft


Popsicle Craft Sticks 

Construction Paper

Hot Glue Gun

Elmer’s Glue

Decoration ideas: buttons, beads, pom pom balls, glitter glue, markers, and stickers

Popsicle Kids Craft


1. Take construction paper and cut into the shape of the popsicle top – older kids can do this part on their own with kid scissors.

2. Hot glue the popsicle stick to the back to create a beautiful blank canvas for the kids to decorate.

3. Use Elmer’s glue & child’s imagination to decorate the popsicle top

This craft project is perfect for all ages as the children get to use their imagination to create a masterpiece of their very own. As listed below, there are many other ideas you can do along with the craft, such as making delicious popsicles, playing with water & ice in the sensory table and even handmade ice paint. The options are endless, and your children will have a blast while learning. Pinterest is full of all sorts of recipes, ideas, and sensory bins. That’s what summer is all about – having fun and making memories!

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Potato Easter Egg Stamping Craft!

Easter is one of the most exciting holidays to a child and From the Easter bunny to decorating eggs and all the egg hunts – why wouldn’t a child love it? The weather is fantastic, the pastel colors everywhere and the kids so excited for the Easter bunny to make his debut. What could be better than that? How about some great Easter desserts and crafts? YES! The kids love making crafts to take home to put up as decorations around the house as it gets closer and closer to Easter.

We love doing potato stamping every single year. It is relatively simple to do and takes a little bit of time for set up of course. You only need about two potatoes cut in half and four colors of paint – any colors you choose! In our project below we used orange, yellow, pink and purple which worked out well. You can make the design however you decide on the potatoes. I went with dots, a zig-zag option, and stripes. It wasn’t too difficult to get the pattern on them with a standard knife.




White Card Stock Paper



Just wash vegetables before using them and let dry.

Cut potatoes in half and design a pattern with your knife on each side.

You can even leave them plain with no design.

Put some paint into the bowls with a potato – like in the picture above.

Stamp the vegetables on the paper and let dry!

Easter is such an exciting time to do crafts and projects with the kids. So many different ideas out there from bunnies to chicks and everything in between. I know I love to let my creativity shine through as holidays pop up throughout the year! This potato stamping craft is relatively easy to set up, and children of all ages can participate. Happy Easter from my family to yours!


St Patrick’s Day Kids Hand Print Four Leaf Clover Craft


With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner – what better way than making a cute craft with the kids to hang up as decorations?! This craft only takes a few supplies – paint, paper, and a paintbrush. It can be dressed up to be put on canvas so you can hang it in the house for years to come or on white card stock to hang up on the fridge. We opted to go with the card stock this time around but can’t wait to make them next year on canvas for each of the parents. Such an excellent idea for just about anyone!



This St Patrick’s Day I am doing a little themed party with green snacks/lunch, a coin hunt, and cute small craft for all the kids here during the day. Holidays are something that I look forward to every year and love decorating for March. I love that Pinterest offers so many different types of projects and activities to do with the children. Everything from sorting, learning, counting, and coloring to simple games like bingo! I can’t wait to spend the week experimenting with the kids so I can share some new ideas with you all. I have some cool treats and crafts coming your way!



Let’s get started on this handprint clover craft to do with all your little’s at home!

Supplies: green paint, paint brush, and canvas and/or white card stock paper

~ Simply paint the child’s hand with the green paint. Stamp toward the top two corners with it slightly open. After two stamps make sure to re-paint the child’s hand for the last two stamps.
~ After all four corners have been stamped correctly take a paintbrush to make the stem of the clover. If the child is old enough to do it themselves – even more awesome!
~ Let the paint completely dry before hanging up on the fridge or wall.


Keep an eye out for even more St Patrick’s Day goodies to be posted on the blog. Hopefully, these cute ideas get you in the holiday spirit. Be sure to pin the craft for later too!


Ideas For Throwing A Fortnite Birthday Party!


I really wanted to write a blog post about throwing a Fortnite themed birthday party this year. I searched everywhere for ideas and inspiration – yes even Pinterest without any luck! It seems like they do not make much party wise which I am quite honestly surprised. These companies could make some big bucks right now on all things Fortnite, but I rarely see items being sold. So of course, I wanted to share with you all what I decided to do for my sons 10th birthday and hopefully give you some excellent ideas that you could use as well. I most certainly didn’t go all out like most people did but looked adorable and festive for him to enjoy.



So for starters, I used pretty basic decorations on the tables and streamers around the space. Most everything I got online at Oriental Trading Company. I seriously use them for almost all my parties. They have so much to offer and at a great price. For the centerpieces on the main table, gift table and my bar top – I put together a “Supply Drop.” I bought an 8 pack of the navy blue gift bags and attached the supply drop icon that I made below. I attached it for anyone that might want to use it and just print it off. I cut it out and taped it nicely on the bag so you couldn’t see the tape. The yellow balloons we had filled up and tied onto the top of the gift bag. That was a relatively simple task and fit the theme perfectly!



For this birthday party, we had a sleepover of about 9 boys in total. I decided to make little chests for each child with small snacks for the night. In the game Fortnite, you find these chests and open them to get supplies for the game. You could totally have things in the chest that have to do with the game such as bandaids, slurp juice, etc. I just went with small snacks, and little candy treats with the child’s name on them. These were easy to put together and fill up before the party. They looked nice on the counter as decorations and the boys really loved the idea!



My favorite item for the party was the drinks! I found someone on Etsy to make labels that I could print off that had the words ” slurp juice” and “chug jug” on them to go over mini blue Gatorade. Super simple project but looked incredible when finished. I also purchased a blowup treasure chest on the site for the Gatorade & water to go in. Blowing it up was a little more time consuming than I would prefer, but after it was complete it went with the decor perfectly! It also held the ice and lots of drinks for the evening with a mess or hassle for the kids. You could put a lot in this cooler which makes it even more awesome!



The plates and napkins for dinner I got on a different site than Oriental Trading company. I will link below to the site – and those were the only tableware I could find for the theme Fortnite. We ended up doing hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, a bounce house for the entire evening at a fantastic rate and Bahama Bucks for the treat! The sleepover was a big hit, and the kids were entertained and super behaved. I couldn’t ask for anything better. If you throw a Fortnite themed party let us know in the comments and ideas, you can suggest for others. I would love to hear from you. I hope this helps some mamas out there searching and feel free to pin for later too.

Links below are to all the items I purchased to throw the party! There is so much to choose from by this company! I paid about $50 bucks total plus free shipping! Just click the picture and it will take you to exact site for the item. Its awesome!

Plates can be purchased here –Fortnite Plates, Napkins, and Cups 

This company also offers a pinata that matches the theme. We didnt do anything like this but for $30 it is really cute and matches perfectly!

Fornite Pinata – Link here! 


Glow In The Dark Slime Recipe

Oh my goodness, I was trying to get this glow in the dark slime recipe up on the blog before Halloween, but life got the best of me. Things just were busy last week just like everybody else. Halloween slap dab in the middle of the week seemed to throw me for a loop. The weekend before we just did a Halloween party with family and friends that happened to be super fun! Anyways, I am going to post this anyways and hopefully; you can give it a try even though Halloween has passed us by quickly! Its relatively simple and doesn’t take too many supplies to make. This slime recipe the kids loved to create and checked it out glowing in the container daily. I still get asked often to go into the dark to see it glowing!

Glow In The Dark Slime Supplies:

Liquid Starch –Sta-Flo DIA13101 Concentrated Liquid Starch, 64 Oz Bottle – Pack of 1

Clear Glue –ELMERS 2024691 Elmer’s Liquid School Glue, Clear, Washable, 32 Ounces – Great for Making Slime

Glow In The Dark Craft Paint – DecoArt DS50-10 Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, 4-Ounce



  1. Pour 1/4 cup liquid starch into a bowl and stir in 2 Tablespoons of the glow in the dark paint.
  2. When it is thoroughly mixed – pour in 1/4 cup of clear glue.

The slime, when done like the recipe above should be a great consistency but may change depending on the brand of paint you used. We had to do no extra steps, but I have seen others need to dab off some excess liquid after mixing. We bought these cool containers on Amazon for all the slime we tend to make here recently so we can keep it together and not use up all my plastic Tupperware for food. Here is the link if interested.

Deli Food Storage Containers with Lids, 16 Ounce (50 Count)

When the slime is of perfect consistency, you will need to “charge” it under a light before taking it into a dark room. You may use a black light if you have one or we just used a flashlight to charge it and test it in our bathroom. Any light will do for this project but the longer and brighter light the better it will glow. This project is perfect for kids of all ages and no matter what time of year. I know it seems much more Halloween related, but we will probably make this often since the kids love it so much. If you give it a try, please comment and let me know how it goes for you!