Candy Corn Craft For Toddlers – Free Printable

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This last week we have been on fall break and working on some awesome Halloween crafts to share with all of you! Most of these posted are super simple, and you can do with all ages of children. It seems to work the best here at my house since I have all ages and love for the kids to stay busy. We love Halloween and making new decorations to hang around the house. The candy corn craft doesn’t require many supplies and has an easy setup which is a great thing for mom! Candy corn seems to be one of those things you can use to make all types of projects and activities with during the fall season. We do things like counting, sorting, baking, coloring… etc just using your creativity!

Down below is printable for the craft activity. This makes it a little easier so you can just print and start. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also draw the image on a piece of paper too. You also have the option to just print the template for fun and color in your free time.

Let’s get crafting!


Orange & Yellow Construction Paper

Glue Stick or Glue

Print off the Free Candy Corn Template


1. Tear up paper – yellow and orange

2. Start with each section of the candy corn by putting glue on the paper and cover with pieces of construction paper. Make sure to repeat with the next section. The top section remains white. Some kids needed help with the glue while the bigger kids can do this part on their own.

3. Let the project fully dry before hanging up around the house.

Candy Corn Printable

Simple three easy step project for all ages! If you have 10 minutes to spare this is the art project for you. Make sure to stay tuned for more fun projects, crafts, and recipes for Halloween. You will see them posted soon!

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