Butterfly Coffee Filter Craft For Kids

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Children absolutely love learning about butterflies and their life cycle from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. This summer we took the time to buy one of the kits on amazon to have this experience ourselves and it was simply amazing! Not only did we watch videos, do crafts, but we took the time to watch them grow, change and mature before we let them go together. These are one of the crafts we did together during this time and I will be posting a few others here soon so you can turn your weekly theme into butterfly week too!


Watching the live caterpillar/butterfly kit is worth every penny to watch them go through the life cycle right before your very eyes. Here is the link to the kit we purchased on Amazon – Butterfly Kit with Live Caterpillars. I hope here soon to experience the tadpole kit that is very similar in style but with frogs. I literally can’t wait for fall break to come already and see this one come to life with the kids. Now that we got sidetracked chatting about live butterfly kits – let’s get back to our butterfly crafts that went along with the theme for the week. Keep a look out for the butterfly splat craft and caterpillar paper plate craft posted here soon! Lets get to it.

Butterfly craft

Craft Supplies:


  1. Layout two coffee filters on top of each other on paper plate and color with washable markers on the top one only.
  2. Spray the coffee filter with the spray bottle filled with water until both filters get damp and colors start to smear. You want the top one to look like the bottom one with the coloring.
  3. Let the coffee filters completely dry – while waiting for it to dry color the clothespin which will represent the butterfly body. Make sure to dry on eyes.
  4. When the filters are dry take apart and fold each one accordion style.
  5. Pinch the middle of the filter and add clothespin over where it is pinched. You will need to adjust wings after this step so they look like butterflies.


Butterfly Craft

Butterfly Craft

If you are looking for even more butterfly crafts stay tuned as they will be appearing shortly on the blog. Feel free to sign up for my newsletter so you can see all the content for the upcoming months! We would love to have you subscribe. If you would like to save this craft – please pin it for later use. Sharing is caring!

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