At Home Challenge Chart For Kids

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Playing playdoh

Playing playdoh


We are all looking for unique ideas to keep our children happy and entertained while we all abide by the stay at home order. I not only have my kids at home right now but also a few others, so their “essential” parents can work during this time. One of the suggestions I use here is making a little chart for the month and follow each activity. The kids can get excited for each day and what they are doing next and so forth. I provided one below that you can follow and print off.

Make this time unique for the kids.

The ‘At Home Challenge’ can be used for daily activities or like a bingo sheet. There are so many different options to do. You can even use different days of the week to give out prizes if they complete a specific day. The challenge will allow them to try out new unique things and help keep them busy for at least a small part of the day. Click the link below and print this sheet off so you can hang it up on the fridge – I would love to hear how it goes for everyone!


At Home Challenge

A couple of suggestions if you get stuck on some of these – change them around to fit your household, use as much as you can if you need more ideas to complete a box, and Pinterest to print off some of the printable tasks ( like example – word search ). There is plenty of books on Amazon you can purchase, or if you have a kindle, they will be free! We like to use our Amazon Echo to read books to the children while waiting to make lunch, or some of the challenge activities can be used during quiet time at home.


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