Alphabet Worm Craft For Kids

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I’m in love with how cute this alphabet worm craft turned out, and the parents enjoyed putting it around the house. It was an excellent craft because it took motor skills for the kids to be able to string the cheerios, but it kept them entertained for a while. No one seemed to get frustrated, and motor skills are essential for the kids to work on as they get ready for school. The supplies you need are googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and cheerios! We used regular plain cheerios for these, but honestly, you could use all different flavors. I ended up kinking the end of the pipe cleaner so the cheerios would stay on for the kids as well. The children put the cereal on one by one until the pipe cleaner was filled up. I did need to help out with putting the eyes on during nap with a hot glue gun, so they stayed put until the kids took them home that evening.

We have been working on letters in the past couple of months doing projects for every letter. This project was for the letter W, but being able to make something with the children then teach the lesson helps so much for the kids to have hands-on learning. Another way to do this activity is to use beads if you happen not to have cereal. Both of these options would end up looking super cute as a result.


Pipe Cleaners – Creativity Street Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners 12 Inch x 6mm 100-Piece, Assorted Colors

Google Eyes –Variety Value Pack SANC 1 box/lot (approx.1120 pcs) 0.16 inches (4mm) to 1 inch (25mm) round Plastic self-adhesive black googly wiggle eyes Wide Variety Assorted Sizes

Cheerios ( any flavor )

Make sure to let me know if you try it! Stay and take some time to look around, we have lots more fun projects on the blog.

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